Thursday, April 28, 2016

We head to Flaming Geyser State Park - Part 2

Time to hit the trails!

The trail narrows and as the weather warms up I'm guessing the trails will be busy!

The trail skirts the Green River

Sand on the "beach"

"This is a great place!"

D'light enjoyed perching on the rocks to take in the environment.

Lots to investigate

D'light curious about the water.

The river has a fast moving current

"Where to next?"

We head down an old creek bed

We find some fugi

Sweet boy and we are having a great time

He thinks he's heard a critter. 
D'light isn't one to go into the brush she he stays on the path & barks at what he thinks is in the brush.

More exploration

"Whatcha doing mom?"

"Might you have a treat?"

"Treat please!"

Time to turn around and head back 

One last look at the river

We find more fungi

"Mom look here!"

We arrive back near the geysers and take in the view

Thirsty boy but the water is moving to fast for D'light's liking.

Dad helps him out with a drink

"Delicious water!"

"Love this adventure!"

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