Friday, May 20, 2016

An explosion of flowers - Part 1

We have had some amazing weather and the plants have clearly enjoyed it!  Here are some of the plants in bloom we've seen over the last month.  Well worth getting out every night for a walk!

Again many thanks to my good friend and my father in law who helped me identify many of these flowers!

Devil in the bushes

Despite it's name of Masterwort.... I love this flower. It's one of my favorite finds.

Blue thistle


Fun looking lantana

Lots of calla lily

Catty says "Everyone should stop and smell the flowers!"

Globe Allium

We find a traveler...

Catty wondering if it was worth eating - nope and we moved on.


A deciduous azalea

Hydrangeas are starting to bloom!


Lots and lots of colorful columbine


 Catty finds some rhododendrons

Purple Ninebark

Chilean Potato Vine


Not sure what this is but, it's pretty!

Windmill Palm

Catty says "Stay tuned to see even more amazing flowers!"

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