Sunday, May 8, 2016

Volunteer Park is our newest working & playing park! Part 5

As we make our way to the conservatory we have few more places to check out.

Lots of pretty blue bell flowers.

More running around. 
At this park I have Viva on a 30ft long line.


We find more flowers in bloom

An amazing azalea

Time to get a move on.

The conservatory in the background

We arrive and the flowers and trees are beautiful


As I was checking out the flowers, a person and dog make there way past us and luckily they were across the street so about 30ft away.

Viva did well and she stood and didn't bark or lunge at the dog.  Once I realized what was going on (it happened so fast) I moved us away with our "lets go" cue and then gave Viva some high value treats.  She did great considering how close the dog was to us.

A stress shake off.

While Viva's behavior when seeing dogs is a work in progress she is making progress. Good girl Viva - foster mom is very proud of you. 

We move on to do a bit more crittering before we head out.

Critter time!


Love this picture!

"I love this park!"

Such a great time! 

It's wonderful to see the progress Viva is making and that she can enjoy this wonderful park.

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