Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We continue our deck prep work

I'm continuing to do deck work with Viva and it's going great! 
Here is the post that lead up to our current work Deck prep work has begun

If Viva hears a dog, I'm right there giving her a food reinforcer for giving me a "look", a "lets go" or checking in with me.  This is a cue that we've practiced a lot since Viva came to us.  Here's a post talking about different cues that I ask of Viva What are we putting in Viva's tool box? Part 3
Here's the post on checking in You get the behavior you reinforce!

While Viva knows the above cues, we haven't practiced them out on the deck in a good while.  We use the cues a lot when we are out and about but, dog don't generalize well so that means we need to practice the cues on the deck since it's a different environmental set up.
So, a refresher course is what we are doing.

A bit later we do some work and D'light comes out as well.  This is actually good as we've found out that D'light needs some refresher deck work as well. He tends to alert bark at crows, the neighbors and anything else he thinks everyone needs to know about.

The dogs are rewarded frequently rewarded for the behavior I'm after.  Being quiet while our back door is open.


Viva doing really well as that dog is out in it's back yard.   She's watching and not growling or barking.

And this is wonderful! She moves away even with knowing the dog is in it's backyard.  A lot of her obsessive behavior in terms of smelling/hearing dogs has dissipated thanks to our work and time.

Here we are the next day and you can see they are ready to work.

Photobomb by D'light!

"Come on mom, lets go practice."

"How about I just sit here looking adorable!"

"Viva come sit next to me as I know this behavior will get us some treats"

"I don't know what Viva is doing but, look at me!"

"I know you can't resist my cute self"

"Look at us!"

Good dogs and rewarded they were with turkey!

Viva heads out on the deck

and then comes quickly back.

Viva is a smart, smart dog. 
She knows that if she comes to me when the door is open that I will give her a food reward.

Sitting gets another food reward

"Why are you leaving?!"

"Here she comes, give us turkey!"

Silly dogs and we will keep practicing and having fun!

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