Friday, April 29, 2016

We head to Flaming Geyser State Park - Part 3

One last place to check out before Viva's turn.  

A large grassy area and D'light thinks this area is pretty wonderful.

D'light isn't a digger so when he started pawing at the ground we were intrigued by this behavior.

Then he went for a full on dig! 
We were laughing at him and there must be some voles in this area.


Goofy boy!

He was snuffing so loud in the small hole he created.



"Come out!"


"Where did it go?"

We fill in the small hole and move on.

D'light has lots of interest in the swampy area.

"Gotta check it out!"

Pretty reeds

This is full on swampy and we were surprised he headed in this direction.

"Are you coming?"

He is deep into the swamp and I have wet feet.

Who knows what is so fascinating to him!

"Where's D'light?"

"I'm right here!"


Time to get going

"Oh but wait!  I found a slug!"

"I love to roll on slugs!"

D'light had a great time in this area and nice to see all fun he was having in the environment!

Stay tuned to see what Viva thinks of this park.

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