Saturday, May 21, 2016

An explosion of flowers - Part 2

With so many flowers in bloom I've become obsessed with taking pictures!  I'm a pretty go, go, go kinda gal so, slowing down to check out the flowers has been very relaxing.

Pretty Catty girl with a beautiful red poppy in the background.

Lots of poppies!


The center of these poppies are a cool gray/green color

Another traveler...


Off it goes

And off we go to find more flowers!

We found one double poppy

More poppies!

"Look at me and the poppies!"


Foxglove is blooming

Kniphofia uvaria

A fun variety of  Centaurea (bachelor button)


Mountain laurel (Kalmia)

So many clematis and some of the flowers were the size of dinner plates.

The oh so smelling good honeysuckle!


Catty is ready to keep on flower hunting!  Stay tuned to see more of our flower finds.


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