Thursday, May 5, 2016

Volunteer Park is our newest working & playing park! - Part 2

We continue to explore the park and head over to the Thomas Burke monument.

Looking good Viva!

This is a beautiful section of the park.

We check out one of the two small ponds. 
As I was watching the ducks I noticed the bird find!

An amazing heron! 
It would have been easy to miss given how statuesque and still it stood.

Here was the heron a couple days later and it's beautiful.

We move on and there are so many blooms at the park.

Viva is having a great time.  By this time we've seen a number of people jogging by and walking.   As I've said, we've done a lot of work around seeing people.  I will tell Viva "person" which is her cue that someone is coming.  Viva knows that if she sees a person and looks at me, she will get a high value food reward.  I never use this verbal marker if the person has a dog with them.

A pink dogwood in bloom.
We are on our way to check out the water tower that is peaking out in this pictures.

Up the rock stairs we go

Here's a link talking about the Volunteer Park Water Tower | Free View of Seattle

We circle the tower

Time to move on and Viva sees a squirrels...

After I ask her to "wait" we go chase the squirrel.

There's a yoga class going on and Viva says "no problem with the people in weird poses!"

A cherry trees has lost most of it's blossoms. 
Viva says "let's go"

We move on to the next area so stay tuned!

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