Thursday, May 12, 2016

We all head south! Part 1

We all headed down to see Brett's parents and it was a fun time for all three dogs!

Catty quickly finds her spot to relax.

D'light and Viva were itching to get out and explore the fully fenced property.

Poppies are in bloom!

I love poppies!

Viva head down to see what is so interesting to D'light

The wind was blowing so the poppies were swaying.   The movement was intriguing to Viva.

Silly girl!

We move on and find what was creating an amazing smell... French lilac!

D'light on the trail of something

It was a bug!

Time to move on

Terrier tag team!

The grass has been cut so there's lots and lots to root around  in

Critter stance!

Off the dynamic duo go!

We find a wood pile

D'light is sure a critter has been in here!

Moving on...

"Watcha see Viva?"

D'light is off to go do more exploring

"Wait for me!"

More poppies

Catty say "Hope you had fun, I've been having a nice relaxing time for myself!"

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