Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Volunteer Park is in full bloom!

This is the last post in the fun series!  In case you missed the previous posts here they are:


Here's a collection of some of what we spotted during our Volunteer Park adventures.

Pretty flowers and pretty Viva!

This park was renamed Volunteer Park in 1901 in tribute to the volunteer services of Spanish-American War veterans.

We find a Dove tree

A lone magnolia bloom hiding in the shadows of the Dove tree.

Dove tree blooms

Lots and lots of rhododendrons in bloom.

I love the design on this plant

Vibrant Hosta and cool ferns that are blue and green in color

Tiny blue flowers in bloom

Lots and lots of daphne and the smell is heavenlyy

Another fragrant flower that can be found throughout the park is false Solomon's Seal.

We also find true Solomon Seal

Found some fungi on the ground

One fungi growing on a tree

Lots of pine cones on the ground.  
Viva in the background waiting for me.

Love the bark on this tree

There are a number of memorial trees throughout the park

Love the color contrast of the azalea and blue bells

Lots of camellia in bloom

More bright azaleas

Pretty white azalea that has the fresh water drops from the sprinklers.

Lovely bleeding heart

A great park with so much to see!   
And what does all that morning fun give us....


Relaxed and content dogs!

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