Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lots to see at Bradner Garden

While D'light and Viva have been having tons of fun at Volunteer and Seward Park, Catty has been enjoying her evening walks. 

We headed up to Bradner Gardens to see what was in bloom.

As you will see there's a ton in bloom right now.

Honeysuckle that smells amazing.

"Lots to see at the garden!"

Pretty light pink fuchsia 

A huge lavender

Lots of columbine

We check out the bee structure

"What's going on in there?"

Inside the structure are a number of bee hives

We move on and pass the lady scarecrow

"Where to next?"

Blue Shrimp 

We find some vibrant swiss chard.
Catty says "I need to check this out"

"Are you trying to take a picture mom?!"

I get my pictures and I love this plant.

There were a number of plants at the gardens that we had no clue what they were.  So many thanks to my good friend who identified a number of them for me.

Here's Scilla Peruviana

Catty watching the lady scarecrow as her dress and boot were swaying in the wind.

She has a new spring outfit and it a lot of pink from her dress down to her boots!

 We wander past through the some veggies

Lots of artichoke plants - these were huge!



 Garlic scapes

Busy, busy bees!

 Love this garden and it will soon be exploding with even more flowers and veggie!

Stay tuned to see more of the flowers we've seen on our walks.
It's amazing how much there is to see right now.

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