Friday, May 13, 2016

We head south - Part 2

Here's part one of our adventure:  We all head south! Part 1

After some rest time everyone is ready to get back outside!  Viva is at the door and Catty and D'light say "Lets go!"

Catty ready to explore

"What on earth are D'light and Viva doing?"

Hunt, hunt, hunt...

Catty on the move.

We find a very fuzzy caterpillar

One of the many mason bee houses that my father in law has built.  The cute little houses are spread throughout their property.

D'light says "Lets find something Catty!"

Sniff on!

"Anyone hiding in the brush pile?"

All three rats equal a lot of hunting power. Critters beware.

D'light and Viva think this rock is pretty amazing

It's a good perch

D'light after who knows what.  Viva not isn't sure either...

But Viva thinks it's worth a look!

Fascinated by the frogs

Off they go

Next stop...

The lovely bamboo grove

Viva has moved on to the large rock wall

Gotta go!

Catty has been over rooting around, having a nice time for herself.

Pretty girl!

The older gal still has moves!

Beautiful hosta

Time to head back in the house.

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