Sunday, May 22, 2016

Oh so many Iris!

We've been having lots of fun checking out all the flowers when we've been out and about.  Here are the previous series posts in case you missed them:
I haven't been a big fan of  the Iris but, after seeing all that we've seen I like them a lot more.  As I've mentioned, I've become obsessed with our flower hunting and we walk all over the place looking for flowers we haven't seen.  When we spotted our first couple of different colored Iris I was pretty excited.  Then we found more and more and more...

Catty says "Look at this grove of Iris!"

Boy oh boy are there a lot of Iris out there!  Did you know that there are 260 to 300 species of Iris.









So many amazing colors and this was a fun adventure!  Stay tuned as the next flower tour revolves around the peony and rose flower.

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