Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More deck work!

We've had lots of success with everyone being quiet and calm when out on the deck.  Here are two previous posts of our deck work up to this point:

Viva showing off her "go to mat" work.  "Go to mat" is excellent to teach any dog and here's a past post talking about  Mat, mat, mat and more mat!

D'light siting on dad's lap, enjoying the warm sun.

Lovely view of Lake Washington and the snow peaked Cascades.

I'm sitting in the threshold of the outside door - treats in hand ready to reinforce behavior.  

No big surprise who is at my side.

Catty moves a bit closer to me

"Do you see me sitting so nice and quiet?"

Viva also knows what I have.  I do give the girls treats for giving me such great behavior of being patient and quiet.  

"I'm still here but, now I'm laying down - that surely deserves a treat!"

"I'd like some more..."

"My turn for treat"

Silly boy!


Everyone having a relaxing time

"How about a treat?"

This makes me laugh - Viva waiting for me to drop a treat and D'light wondering what Viva is doing!

Awww nothing like a good backend rub.

D'light says "With all this sun, it's time to get out more beds for the deck!"

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