Thursday, November 5, 2015

Viva says "What do you mean this isn't a toy?"

Viva loves toys as you can see in these past posts:

I was folding laundry when I heard something hit the ground.  Next think I hear is a scurry of dog feet.   I follow the noise and here's what I find...

Viva saw the dryer ball fall and she clearly thinks it's a toy!  To Viva's credit it is a wool dryer ball so why wouldn't she think it's a toy? 

I ask her what she has and here's her response...  "Fun times with the ball!"

I don't trust that she won't chew it apart but, I'm not going to stick my hand in there to take it from her.  Viva is not a resource guarder which is excellent.  However, that doesn't mean the human should just take stuff from her.

While I go looking for an egg baby to "trade" with her. She continues to have lots of fun with the dryer ball. She's pretty silly as you can see.

Here we go with "trading" and Viva thought this was a good trade!

Viva loves egg babies

She loves them a little too much!

I let her destroy the egg baby since she was having such fun.  Once the egg baby was gutted it was time for another trade of a food treat for the egg baby!

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