Thursday, September 10, 2015

Viva says "learning new games with toys is awesome!"

I'm working at teaching Viva the game of tug.  Games with toys build confidence, reduce stress and reinforce the relationship between dog and human.   

We start of Viva chasing after the tug toy.  We got to this point by starting off with egg baby play in this post Viva finds out that playing can be fun!


 Then I toss the toy down the hallway - we did this a lot.  Notice that rattie shake!

We then move onto starting tug.  With all the play above, Viva has built up a real love of this toy.  It's long and no guts which is a perfect Terrier toy for playing tug.  All that "noise" - the growling and talking is me!


And look who has found out what a fun game this can be!


Seems the toy flood gates have been opened

More tug!

"Resting with my buddy"

Sweet girl is learning so much and she's an excellent learner and training partner!

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