Monday, November 23, 2015

Busy times as the sun rises!

We've had a number of heavy rain and wind days last week.  However, over the weekend it was beautiful blue skies and very chilly out.

While Catty was snug as a bug under her blankets (smart girl)...

"No I don't want to go out, I'm warm and resting"

Back to catching up on her sleep...

We headed out with D'light and Viva. 

We live extremely close to Lake Washington and what better place to watch the sunrise!

A great way to start the weekend, walking the piers along Lake Washington!

You can see Mt. Rainier in the background

D'light watching the seagulls

Wondering what's down there!

He had a good time just watching...

and sniffing the air.

The sun is up and time for us to go get Viva out and moving! 

It was cold and you can see the frost on the leaves

Viva doesn't care about the cold.  It's time to run and have fun!

More pretty frost covered leaves

So where are we? 

We are at a park that has a number of sports fields and half of the park has this sloping hill with trees and other stuff for Viva to root around in.

Having a reactive dog has really required me to search out places where I can see what's around us and provide environmental stimulation for Viva.  While this may seem like a real chore, it's actually turned out to be enjoyable. I'm seeing lots of places I wouldn't otherwise venture to and I am also much more observant of the environment - thus all the pictures of the pretty leaves!

Viva thinks this place is great!

There were no birds or critters but, she was ready if they showed up!

She really wore herself out going up and down these hills on her 50ft long line.

We found this pretty tree! 
I love the shape of the leaves and the vibrant yellow leaves.

Viva wondering what is so interesting.

She roots around a bit and is ready to go explore the other sections of this park.

The girl can move!

Frost all over the grass

 The sun is melting the frost off the leaves


Viva really enjoys sniffing all the fallen leaves

After about an hour it was time to go

More pretty leaves and I don't know what those green spikey things are.

"Let's come back here!"

And what does all that outside time get you? 

Two chillin Terriers who were also happy to find the sun spot in the house!

And Catty was still resting although she had gotten hot and had to move spots on the couch!

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