Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rain, rain and more rain - Part 2

We've had some much needed rain and D'light is not a fan of rain.  Unlike Catty,  he has zero interest in just going for a walk in the rain.  However, he doesn't let the rain get in the way of crittering.  This is excellent because if D'light doesn't get enough outside enrichment he becomes more anxious in the house. So as we enter the rainy winter months we will be doing lots of critter hunting.
We headed over to Mercer Island to check out Pioneer Park 

This is a 113 acre forest spread over 3 quadrants.  We explored the Northeast and Southeast section because when driving in, the Northwest section looked pretty crowded with people and dogs. 

"We are right here D'light"

The leaves were beautiful!

Look at all the holes! I'm assuming these are made by woodpeckers.

D'light on the move

Lots of colorful fallen leaves

It was raining but, D'light didn't care since he was crittering.

Again, my favorite season!  So much color and not too cold.

Ferns growing up the tree

On critter alert

Mushrooms growing up the tree

D'light is not impressed by the mushrooms

 "Thank you dad for telling mom to get moving!"

More lovey leaves

There were some very large leaves

Some were bigger than D'light!

"Where are the critters at this park!!"

Not a single critter to be found but, that doesn't stop D'light for hoping he will find one.

There was a guy with two very large dogs off leash that ran up on us (grrrr). Again, if you cannot recall your dog(s) they should not be off leash.

We also saw a lady walking her horse.  We saw her coming from a distance so, we moved off the trail and loudly let her know we were there with a dog.  She clearly appreciated this and it's good we did this as D'light did not like seeing the horse.

Horse and dogs are gone and we get moving

Fungus on a log and there's really a lot to see if you spend the time looking at what's around you.

Lots of stumps, logs and leaves to navigate.

Motor on!


  1. Thanks for the beautiful images of the Pacific Northwest - what a great place to hike! D'light looks awfully happy, too...

    1. It's beautiful right now even with all the rain! Glad you enjoyed the pictures and yes D'light was a very happy rattie boy.