Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rain, rain and more rain - Part 1

Catty is one that doesn't care about the rain. She's happy to walk in the rain, in the dark or if it's light out.  This works out well since all three dogs have different outside needs.   The good thing about the dogs having different needs is that they each get a good amount of individual attention from us.    While Catty and D'light do just fine walking together, Catty enjoys being the only dog on a walk.  She gets to move at her pace which varies a lot on each walk!

Catty and I head out just as the sun is rising and the rain was coming down

Lots of leaves on the ground!

Catty enjoys sniffing up, down and all around!

"The rain doesn't bother me!"

We often play a game of find it. Which is me tossing treats in the grass or in this case a pile of leaves then she roots around to find the treat.  This is a nice enrichment game. 

She sees a squirrel and is deciding if it's worth chasing it.  Catty decides the squirrel is too far away and not worth the effort. 

Lots to smell and with the downpour of rain we don't see anyone else out walking.

"Let's go!"

And once we are home Catty shows of her rattie run!

After all that fun Catty gives me the stink eye for taking her picture.  Then she hunkers down for a good nap!

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