Friday, November 20, 2015

Who wants to play a game? Part 1

With all the rain and the fact that it's getting dark by 4:30pm, I decide it's time for some indoor enrichment games.  

For this game you need a muffin tin and some balls.  You can use any size of muffin tin and any type off balls.  Egg babies would also work if the tennis balls are to big for your dog.  You can purchase egg babies through the New Rattitude ReTail Shop

You will need some yummy treats.  I like the bison cubes because you can cut them to the size you want (more to come about that).

Viva says "What on earth are we doing now?"

This is a new game to us. So, I decide to start with Catty who is ubber smart with figuring out interactive toys/games.  I want to see how hard this could be and what adjustments I would need to make for all three dogs.  As I've mentioned dogs have individual needs so we need to know this and adjust accordingly.

Because I know Catty's ability to work puzzles, I opt to challenge her from the outset.  I load the tin with all balls and only one treat. 

Smart, smart girl...

I take 2 of the balls out of the tin and place two treats in the tin.  Here is why I like the bison cubes, you can make this game harder by cutting them down in size.  I can tell just from watching Catty that for Viva and D'light I will use the bigger cubes as the tennis ball will sit higher up on the treat, making it easier to get the ball off the treat.

Catty being her smart self, figures out on that first ball that if spins it really fast, the treat comes out!  You can see it spin out.  Then she moves onto the second treat hide and wastes no time using her mouth to get that ball off the treat!
This was a lot of fun for Catty and she would have been happy to play all night long!

"Load this again!"

"There must be more treats to find!"

This picture just made me laugh.  Her tongue looks like lips!

"I know D'light is behind me and it's not his turn yet!"

"If I ignore him he will go away and I can play more!"

I tell Catty her turn is over and she does this which makes me laugh!  We have some interactive toys that you put treats in and the dog rolls them around to get the treat out.  Clearly that's what Catty was thinking might be going on here!

Catty asking to play again...

All done Catty... stay tuned for D'light giving this game a try.


  1. This is the best game ever for a busy terrier. Parson Russell Cody gives it two paws up!

    1. It's perfect for brain game and Catty, D'light and Viva agree with Cody - lots of happy Terriers!

  2. Catty had us laughing out loud! What an amazingly smart little cookie!

    1. She's entertaining for sure! At 11-12 years old, she still has lots of spunk.