Friday, November 27, 2015

Sun spots make for musical spots!

With the clear blue skies outside, that give us sun streaming into the house.  
Viva says "Do you see what I see?!"
"I'm so excited about this!"

"So excited that I will do an military crawl!"

"It's the sun streaming in!!"

Viva finds a great sun spot

Relaxed girl enjoying the sun

Nothing like a good nap in the sun!

Catty has found another sun spot!

Lazy, low stress time that includes some grooming while enjoying the warmth of the sun

D'light scores big time! 
A sun spot is hitting his bed that has the electric blanket on so, lots of warmth.

"I love the sun"

After a number of hours the dogs decide to mix up spots.
Viva and Catty share a spot.  Good girls!

That didn't last long (which is just fine) and Catty moves to another sun spot. You can see Viva at the end of hall in a sun spot.
With Catty moving down the hall, D'light takes advantage of the sun spot by Viva.

"This sun is making us tired!"

Relaxed dogs

Time to rest and enjoy the sun

Viva is dead asleep and you can see D'light foot on the bed behind her.

"Oh I think I need to clean my foot!"

A few gentle licks...

And back to sleep she goes.

"Life is good!"
"The warmth of the sun is so relaxing!"
"Time to go back to resting and relaxing"

For those that haven't followed Viva since she came into foster care with us, she was extremely dog reactive.  We've gotten to where we are today in terms of her integration with our dogs due to all the front end management we did when she arrived.  We've never had an expectation of all of our dogs being "buddies" but, we've worked hard to ensure everyone feels safe around each other by managing the environment for all the dogs.  All that work that started back in August has really paid off for everyone!
Here a few posts that helped to get us to where we are today:

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