Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Out and about - Part 2

D'light's turn and he quickly finds a log to perch on and there's his critter face.

"Where are you?!"

Sniffing the air for critter

D'light chased the smell he was after into this hollow log

He had a grand time going back and forth in and out of the log.

Silly rattie boy - lots of brain work going on! 
And it was raining hard as you can hear in the video.


All that rain needs a good shake off!

"Gotta get up on the log!"


Off to get that critter!

D'light figuring out his next hunting move!

While D'light was hunting we found this little animal fort that someone made.  I'm assuming it's for the squirrels.

And look at these things - I'm assuming they are pine cones.

"Let's get going!"

It was raining hard as you can see by the rain hitting the lake.

Shake off that rain!

"Gotta check something out"

Neat stump

It must have tons of smells on it!

While D'light is messing around with the stump we are watching all the ducks.

Lilly pads and all that rain

Off we go

Time to head back to the car

Happy wet boy! 
We put a towel in his crate which he will use to dry himself off.

And what's Catty up to when we are out with D'light and Viva?

She's catching up on her beauty sleep...

Rest up Catty, you have Nose Work class in the morning!

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