Saturday, October 31, 2015

Viva and her mouse

Meet mouse...

Viva loves mouse and that's great because D'light and Catty don't have any attachment or interest in mouse.  D'light and Catty have a number of toys they like to play with but, since Viva's arrival all toys have been put up.  Toys come out when Viva is baby gated in another section of the house. Having to put the toys up is usually do to a dog resource guarding but, that's not the case here.  Viva is NOT a resource guarder (great news!).  However, Viva does not do well if D'light and Catty are playing loudly with toys.  D'light and Catty do a lot of growling and shaking of toys and there behavior creates a lot of stress for Viva.  So, we are still managing the environment and that's working out well for everyone.

As you can see Viva thinks mouse is awesome. 

She's a silly girl and she often brings mouse back to the mat in the kitchen. 

She's a gentle player with mouse

She does love to nibble on mouse

And Viva will toss mouse in the air!

"Oh how I love mouse!"

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