Monday, November 9, 2015

Rain, rain and more rain - Part 3

As I've mentioned, Viva doesn't care about the rain and that's great!  On this adventure we headed over to a nice little park below the I-90 bridge.  Last month, we had a fun time at the park that is on top of the I-90 bridge and here's that post A fun and beautiful adventure!

This is the park where we launch our kayaks in the summer. In the summer months it's a popular place for people and dogs.  But, once the cold and rain arrives it's empty.

Viva is all about checking everything out!

Lots and lots to sniff and she's happy she's on the 50 ft long line!

It was windy and rainy which made for rough waters in Lake Washington.
She's curious about the waves hitting the rocky shoreline. 

Lots to check out!

A park employee arrives with his leave blower. Viva watches what he's doing. The loud noises of the cars traveling above us on I-90 and the leaf blower don't bother Viva.

"I have sniffing to do!"

Viva then turns on her Terrier and starts hunting... Very little slows Viva down when she gets to hunting.

She had a grand time exploring the wet and slippery rocks.

There are lots of little shells among the pebble beach and Viva is sniffing up a storm.

She's watching those ducks that she spied in the earlier video.  You can see Bellevue off in the distance.

More exploring and again not bothered at all by the rain, wind and environmental noise.

Viva wants to get down closer to the water but isn't so sure about the sand bank that quickly falls once she puts her feet on the bank.  This experience kept her busy for a good amount of time and her brain was working hard!

Viva gets down near the water and then she's trying to problem solve about what to do next.  There are now a lot of ducks out in the water and they have captured Viva's attention.  Viva loves to chase birds and here's a post from the summer when she had lots of fun chasing pigeons

Viva opts to move away from the ducks way out in Lake Washington.  We check out the section of the park I thought she would enjoy.

 Lots of trees and this big grassy ditch to explore

Viva always keeps me guessing... she wasn't really interested in the trees and ditch. She wanted to go back down to the water.

Down to the rocky section that she was so interested in before.

Then off she goes!

She stops to watch...

And down to the water she goes.

So much to smell!

Then she takes off down to the shore

"Gotta go so hold on tight foster mom!"

And I see what she's after....

Ducks, ducks, ducks!

Viva is a very, very smart and quiet hunter. She spent a good amount of time circling the area as she really wanted to get to the ducks.

Stay tuned to see what happens when Viva puts her plan into action!

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