Monday, November 2, 2015

Viva says "I don't care about rain!"

The rain has arrived and Viva could care less.  This is really great since we've had many dogs who think the rain will melt them.

With the rain upon us, we don't see too many dogs when we are out so another bonus! 

Viva says "Are there critters at this park?!" 

Viva is excited to check everything out.

Off she goes on the 50 ft long line.

Viva enjoying scoping out the hillside


While Viva sniffing this section, I'm setting up a find it game.

"Oh my how did this treat get up here?"

"More over here - this place is amazing!"

Viva find the treats quickly, smart little girl!

Off she goes. I love using the 50ft long line with her.  Give her lots of choice of where she wants to go and I still have a connection to her if I need to manage the environment.

Viva is very smart, she's had success with finding "treats" up on things so she check out elevated items like this. No treats here, just stuff to sniff.

Despite the rain we there were some joggers.  Viva did great with seeing them & then looking to me.  Viva as always is reinforced with food for making great choices.

There a lower section to this park so we start to head down. Viva still on critter alert.

There are a number of sports fields on one side

Then this large open space.  The top of that wall is where we were playing find it.

Viva isn't interested in running in the open space! She had critter brain and no care about getting wet in the bushes.

"I will pose for you in the rain if we can get moving"

Back up the path we go...

Really raining now!

I say "let's go Viva" 
Viva says "Just give me a minute to check for critters!"

Shaking off the rain

And back the car we go!

Looks like it's time to break out the water proof camera.


  1. Viva sure does love her walks, doesn't she? Thank goodness she doesn't mind the rain!

    1. She sure does love getting out! Funny how she just doesn't care about rain and I'm glad. She's a funny girl for sure.