Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Out and about - Part 1

Since we work full time Monday through Friday the weekends are time where we can get out with the dogs for extended periods of time.  Since all three of our dogs have different outside needs we do lots of different stuff with each of them.

We usually take Viva and D'light together and then take them individually once we are at our destination.   Our go to location with these two is Seward Park.  This is a great park that has good sight lines, lots to see and smell for the dogs and of course they can critter there.  

Viva gets her outside time first since we often arrive early so a better chance of fewer dog sightings.

Viva scanning the area, wondering where to begin her hunting.

Let the hunting begin!

While Viva loves to actually find critters, she's very happy to just hunt!

Where's Viva?!  
You can see the blue long line and she's sure there is a critter in the brush!

As Viva was hunting Brett spotted a Pileated Woodpecker

Watch the woodpecker at work!

Viva is not impressed by the woodpecker and she's on the move!

Viva often stops to sniff the air, clearly trying to figure out where a critter may hiding out.  

She heads quickly to this big tree!

So much to sniff and take in

Looking up and sniffing at the same time

She's hatching a plan

Into the tree she goes!

She's convinced there's something up in the tree

Nothing up in the tree and she's thinking...

"Where to go next?"

Off we go and the rain has started coming down. 

Lots to move through as the leaves were deep and Viva wasn't bothered by them.

Silly girl!

She was sniffing the air...

And then turned on a dime, chasing a bird off the ground and into the trees.

Viva has a lot of fun during these adventures and she certainly gets a good mental and physical workout!  

Time to head back to the car so Viva can rest.  Next will be D'light's turn to get out and about.

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