Saturday, November 21, 2015

Who wants to play a game - Part 2

Catty thought this game was a load of fun as you can see in the first part of this series Who wants to play a game - Part 1
While I was sorting out my plan for D'light to play this game, he was busy working the treat jar!

"I love bison lung!"

"What are we doing and can I have some of these?"

D'light is boy that isn't really motivated by food and he doesn't get excited about games. But, on this day he was really into the treats and ready to give this game a try.   I start off by making this game super easy and we get off to a good start.

Since I'm not sure what he will think of the muffin tin yet alone the tennis balls, I just put some bison lung in the tin and let him at it.

That went great so we move to increase the difficulty.  I use a bulky bison lung as it lets the ball sit on top of the treat and it's easier to get out this way.  This game is all about the dog so, figure out how you can help your dog be successful.  If you can do that, you will help increase your dogs confidence, motivation and problem solving ability.

I'm beyond thrilled that D'light is loving this game!! Time to add more tennis balls.  The addition of balls changes the environment and to help D'light be successful, I keep the treat in the same spot.  D'light like many dogs goes back and checks out the spot where they were recently successful.

You can see that I need to stabilize the tin. There is nothing wrong with helping your dog achieve success so, if your dog needs help be a good partner and help him out!

I add a fourth ball with the treat in another spot.

Good work D'light!

Increasing the difficulty for D'light and he's hard at work figuring out where the one treat is located!

He does a great job with trying so many different ways to get the ball out of the way. He licks it, pushes it with his nose, uses his paw, licks it, tries to use his mouth and I can see he's working hard and needs some support.  If you see your dog struggling or starting to loose interest help them. Again, there's absolutely nothing wrong with helping your dog be successful! 

That was a lot of brain work for D'light! 

I now make the game easy so he can have even more success which increases his confidence and willingness to engage with new things.

One final play and he's ready to play! He's moving quickly and gets that treat out from under the ball in no time flat.  D'light was moving that fast because he's enjoys this game that he's be successful in playing.

We are done for now and D'light isn't ready to quit. 

This is excellent as he still wants to play

"Any more treats in here?"

Time for Viva's turn!


  1. Hooray, D'light! We had fun watching you work hard and have a great time, too!

    1. It was fun to watch him work this game - he's such a sweet, gentle boy!