Thursday, November 26, 2015

So much to see, smell and do!

There are a lot of neat little waterfront banks along Lake Washington and we found a great one that had good sight lines.

Viva is ready to see what is going on in the environment.

"Are you coming foster mom?"

Across Lake Washington you can see Seward Park and then off in the distance is Mercer Island.

Lots to see!

Lots to smell!

We move along the bank and Viva is have herself an excellent time. She loves to explore the environment.

A big rock that is sniff worthy.

So much to explore and curiosity is something that Viva has a lot of!

"What is out there?"

On the move to further investigate what she was watching

Viva becomes sidetracked by the smells on this log!

Viva has no problem getting up and or over things in the environment.

Something was very smell-worthy!

Who knows what is  or has been down in the hole

Again Viva is very interested in this log but, then a goose flies overhead and that is very interesting!

"What was that!"

"Gotta go!"

And she finds the flock of geese. She really wanted to get after them but, we were able to move on.

"What is this?"

"Nothing very interesting, just a hole in the ground"

She finds where the hole goes...

The pipe had broken off and was now in the lake.

"This place is amazing!"

It was a nice afternoon, no rain and no wind.

Beautiful Viva watching...

"Gotta go!"

She was watching this large flock of ducks. 

I can see her mind turning as she begins to plan how to hunt the ducks.

Here's the flock and a goose 

There was also this white and black bird.

She rolls down the shore line in hopes of catching up with the flock but, they are moving away from the shore line.


 Off she goes...

She catches some smell that gets her moving quickly. Viva and I spend a lot of outside time together and I know what this behavior is about... hunting.

Two ducks that she chases into the water.

"Come back to me!"

She really, really wanted to go in after them. However, I didn't want her doing that as I had to errands do and I didn't want her wet and cold in my car.

"Foster mom spoiling my fun!"

"I may not be able to swim after those ducks but, I can watch them!"

The birds flying over head and Viva wondering how to get up to them!

Off to do more searching

Following the flock - you can see them out in the water.

Viva and her wishful thinking...

As the duck head way off, we are on our way back to that big rock.

I toss some treats at the base of the rock and say "find it".  This is a game we play every time we are out.  Why?  Because when something is upsetting in the environment, I use the game of "find it" as a fun game and Viva has to then hunt for the food instead of focusing on what is upsetting to her.  The game of "find it" with a high value food reinforcer gives her brain something different to focus on.

And like all skills, we practice when there's nothing go on in the environment. 

There were treats on the ground and on top of the rock!  

Good girl Viva for finding all the treats.

Checking things out

All the birds are gone but, that doesn't stop Viva from checking one more time.

"Any more treats to find?"

Time to go

We head back to the car

Of course I need a picture of this beautiful tree on our way back to the car! 

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