Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Viva the duck hunter

Viva and I were at this park for a very long time and she had herself an amazing time!  Why were we here for so long?

DUCKS are the reason!

Viva's brain was doing a massive amount of problem solving trying to figure out how to get to the ducks.  

She would cruise the waterline and she then started to venture into the water.

Then she would circle back and watch the ducks moving...

Working the shore front and coming up with her game plan

Viva decides that the rocks are the spot to launch her plan

She was none to happy with the waves crashing into the rocks 

Then she went for it and into the water she went!

"Foster mom, make them come back to me!"

There were a couple dozen ducks about half on each side of Viva. 

Viva hatching her next plan...

"Abort that plan!"

The wind was picking up and the rain coming down and I started walking back to the car. Viva clearly isn't interested in leaving and she's back to planning.

She chooses to skirt away from the ducks

And she hugs the rocks and deck - the ducks are in front of the deck still in the water. She was clearly trying to get at them from a new angle.

Now she heads to the deck and she can see them all.  Oh so close!

That plan didn't work so she's back to sort out how to get to the pesky ducks.

She decides to get a running start and just go at them!

"Well that didn't work!"

Off she goes to run the shoreline.  
As you can see her body is getting as good of a workout as her brain!

Then she swung around and came hauling towards me

"Move out of my way!"

"Here I come!"

And so much disappointment and they just swam away!

"Oh but I'll launch my next move!"

"That didn't go as I was hoping for!"

And the sweet girl just doesn't give it a rest!

Nothing phased her! Not the rain, wind, water or mud.

I see if she want to leave and this is what I get!

"Time to do more duck chasing"

So many great pictures that I just decided to include them all!

Stay tuned to the next post that is full of video's of Viva chasing and swimming after the ducks!


  1. I can't believe she went into the water after the ducks! Viva is one determined terrier...

    1. I couldn't believe it either! She keeps me on my toes and frequently makes me laugh.