Monday, August 31, 2015

Viva finds out that playing can be fun!

I'd guess Viva doesn't have experience with toys.  She's had very little interest in toys so I decided it was time to work on play.  

 Play is important as it releases stress, increases problem solving ability, increases confidence and if you are part of the equation, builds a stronger bond between you and your dog.

I brought out the ever popular egg babies.  I tossed one and Viva just stood there and stared at me.  So, time to break the play down.

I sit on the floor and place the egg babies on the door ledge.  Viva shows interest...

"What's the point of these things?"


And then I give the babies a little push and the fun begins!

And she even brought one back to play this game some more!

We played the above game a number of times.  Each time she was more engaged, clearly having fun and her confidence was building.     Here she is after a session of playing the game and she brought the egg baby into the dinning room.  Her face tells you how much fun she's having!

We then try something else... Check out her intensity. This girl has found her love of the egg babies. Foster mom on the other hand struggles with video taping and tossing the egg baby!

And now Viva is really into this game.  I'm not interested in her bringing the egg baby to me.  What I am interested in is that she's having fun and clearly that's the case!

What a happy gal with her egg baby!

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