Thursday, November 12, 2015

Viva chiling

While Viva is busy outside, she's easy going inside.  Sweet Viva and look she even got a little sun!

"What's up foster mom?"

Sleepy girl

And time for a good nap

"Why are you still there with that camera?"

A little grooming before going back to sleep

What a good girl she is!

And where were Catty and D'light?  In the living room living the rough life!


  1. Quite a different level of activity than yesterday...those videos of Viva in the water were cracking me up! Unbelievable! We also just got the terrier training book you recommended - looking forward to diving into that this weekend.

    1. In the house Viva is super chill and happy to just rest and relax. She's a really nice mix - busy outside, calm inside. I was so happy to have my camera with me when she was after those ducks - funny girl had me laughing! The Terrier book is awesome and it's really helpful in understanding the Terrier brain.