Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So many mushrooms!

With rain come the mushrooms!   

Catty says "Did you know that many mushrooms are poisonous to dogs?"

Lucky for us, none of the dogs are interested in the mushrooms.

So, we have been checking out at all the mushrooms that have been sprouting up.

Lots of variety to see

Some, you have to really look closely for!

Lots of clusters of mushrooms growing around the bases of trees.

There are some really strange mushrooms out there!

Viva loves to root around but, ignores the mushrooms!

 A friend had asked if we saw any fairy rings.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  She explained it and look what I found!

A huge fairy ring circling a tree

The pictures are not all that great but, it sure was cool!

Here's a video of the fairy ring

And we find even more interesting mushrooms

These were a deep crimson color and something had been nibbling on them.


Some tall mushrooms

Tiny mushrooms that you would miss if you weren't closely looking

We found a solo mushroom - D'light could care less, he wanted to get moving after critters

We found some mushroom collecting water

And the best find was by Brett!  It's beautiful and I think poisonous.

Someone ate a lot of the mushroom!

More interesting mushrooms

D'light says"  Here's a good link full of information about  Mushrooms that are toxic for your dogs and cats"

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