Friday, November 6, 2015

Box "sitting"

I do a lot of my shopping via Amazon.  I recently had a number of boxes arrive and we stacked them in our den until I could get to opening and unpacking them.

While all those boxes were sitting there we made dinner and then ate. During all that time Viva was not in her normal house locations.  I went looking for her and here's where I found her...

Viva patiently & quietly sat by the boxes for over 2 hours...

"Oh foster mom, are you ready to unpack the boxes?"

I moved the boxes around and found out why Viva was box "sitting"

"Look at the Beams!"

Viva loves Beams and she's very happy with our bulk order!

"I hope some of those are for me!"

Such a good girl, she goes back to patiently waiting.  

Sweet girl did get a beam which she was very pleased about!

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  1. That's SO funny! What a nice reward for waiting so patiently...