Sunday, November 22, 2015

Who wants to play a game - Part 3

In case you missed it, here are the links to Catty and D'light playing this fun game!

I start Viva off with just a treat in the tin to see how she does.  

She says "No problem and that was easy!"

That was fast and no concerns on Viva's part!

Viva likes this game and she's figuring it out quickly.  
This is a great game for working on problem solving.

Viva can smell the treat and she just needs to figure out where it is!

 Increasing the difficulty with multiple balls and multiple treats under the balls.  


Viva is doing wonderful with this game and you can see her confidence building each time she plays the game.  And she needs me to support the tin and that's perfectly fine!  Remember this game is about creating motivation, increasing problem solving, building confidence and most of all having fun!

I load the tin with all balls and one food hide.
Smart, smart girl!

Lets keep playing!

Silly girl loves this game!

This really is a great game for dogs.  You can make so many adjustment which is excellent and it's such an easy. We certainly will be playing this game frequently as winter wears on!



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    1. It's lots of fun!! Three Rat Terrier's give it two paws up!