Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What's Viva like in the house?

As you can tell from my posts, we spend a lot of time doing outside adventures.  Viva is a busy gal on these outside adventures and she keeps me on my toes.  However, in the house she's beyond easy.  Viva does want to be around you so when we are in the kitchen she is hanging out on her mat.

Waiting patiently while foster dad is making dinner

If I'm sitting at the dinning room table, you will find Viva on her dog bed


If we're in the living room, she's hanging out on her "spot".  I only want Viva on the couch - not our loveseat.  D'light and Catty hang out on the loveseat and making sure that everyone has their "spot" is a good plan. 
Here's Viva and foster dad watching TV


Viva's "spot"

Viva watching D'light and wondering what he's up to.

D'light on the loveseat watching out the window

He's hoping to spot a critter

It's a lot of work doing all that watching!

"I have to rest my eyes"

While D'light is resting his eyes, Viva finds a crumb of something that foster dad has left behind!

Back to watching and resting.  As you can see, Viva is a mellow gal inside the house.

A video of her just hanging out.  This is very typical behavior for her.

Sweet, sweet Viva


  1. Viva is such a pretty girl, and she looks so sweet and calm! You must have all sorts of feelings about getting to know each foster dog and watching their personalities unfold. Hopefully Viva will be able to channel more calm when she is out and about seeing people and other dogs.

  2. She really is a great dog, she just needs to keep practicing new behaviors and I need to manage the environment while this is going on. I was well aware of her behaviors when I took her on a foster which was why I took her in. Not every foster has her level of behavioral issues and I try to just take one behavioral foster a year. Sweet Viva is our 43rd foster so yes we always have feelings about each dog. But, we view fostering as petsitting and helping dogs learn new behaviors that they can use in their forever homes. While Viva does well with us, she will do much better in a dog free home with her person who will keep working with her. That person(s) is out there and will come along at some point. We've had some really challenging fosters over the years who have found amazing homes!