Monday, December 7, 2015

Pupdate: It's King who is now Max

Do you remember our adventures with foster boy King?  He was in foster care over the summer and was with us for about a month.  He was a wonderful, affectionate, sweet little boy! Here are some of my favorite posts while King was with us:
King was adopted the day I went to the shelter to get Viva and his family renamed him Max.
We've received a couple updates over the months and Max is doing great and his family loves him dearly.  Max was amazing with other dogs so, we were really hoping to find him a home that had at least one other dog in the home.  The family that adopted Max had a 6 year old Rat Terrier and the two dogs are now best buddies.  Max loves to snuggle with his parents and sister and he really hit the jackpot in terms of finding a wonderful home that fits him so well.
Happy life for Max - he was just a throw away dog before coming to New Rattitude and now he's a very loved little fella who brings his family a lot of joy. 
Lola and Max
If you every wonder about fostering and say to yourself "I couldn't give the dog up" well, this is what giving up your foster dog is about. You save a life by taking in a foster - Max was scheduled for euthanasia due to lack of shelter space.  You pet sit your foster until you and your adoption team help find their forever home.  And you bring a lot of joy to that dog and the family who has adopted him/her.  Then you start over again with another foster dog.  Is this hard to keep giving up a foster dog?  The first couple are tough because as humans we get emotional but, then you adjust your thinking as to why you are doing this.  Fostering isn't about you - it's about helping to save a life of a dog that needs some help and sadly, there are a lot of dogs out there that need help.  If you've ever thought about fostering, New Rattitude is a great organization to foster with here's more information about:  Fostering with New Rattitude


  1. Thanks for the beautiful post, Julee! We just got approved to do temp foster with NR, and will ultimately do permanent foster...wanted to dip our toes in slowly. We're so excited (and a little nervous) about when and who our first one will be. And we are thrilled to be part of the amazing NR team!

    1. This is wonderful news Laurie! The great news is that New Rattitude is full of wonderful resources and lot of support if needed. Lucky us to have you as a member and a future foster parent.