Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays from the New Rattitude crew!

After working with each dog around putting on and off the holiday scarf it was time for photo shoot time!   Here's the previous post  all three dogs prep scarf work
D'light and Catty have eyes on the prize which is the treat container...

Viva says "Oh this is such a fun game!"

D'light says "Too close Viva"

Catty has on her "give me a treat face"

Catty give a smile of approval at the treat selection. 
Viva agrees and has to lick off any remaining crumbs on her lips!

The girls say:
"D'light come on, we're waiting for you"

D'light arrives and Catty is waiting to get this going!

Great shot!

Viva whispering to Catty "This is a pretty easy game to get some great treats"

D"light says "No whispering, pay attention!"

Such focus!

Everyone sitting!

D'light says "excellent treats mom!"

Catty, D'light and Viva say "Happy Holidays and here's to a great New Year!"

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