Saturday, August 8, 2015

Trout hatchery - Part 1

The second day of the lure event started mid afternoon so, we met up with my mom for a walk at  Columbia Springs  which includes the Vancouver Trout Hatchery.   

The boys are happy to check out the hatchery.


The hatchery is a historical location and visitors can explore historical and interpretive displays, walk the nature trails, observe birds and other wildlife, feed the fish in the display pond, and picnic. Visiting Columbia Springs is dog friendly and  free!

So many things to see!

 Off to the hatchery we go and King could care less about the grating

The rearing trout ponds - about half were in use

The fish feeding pond

"Hey mom, here's the fish food!"

And here's what happens when you toss that food in the pool.  These were some big and very beautiful trout.

King enjoying the environment

More trout

A guide to the hatchery and D'light is ready to move on.

"What is down there?!"

If D'light is interested then that means King isn't far behind


Time to move on to the next section of the hatchery.

"What's with the danger sign?!"

D'light finds a 4 foot wall to up up on and then walk down to the end

"Come on King, this looks promising"

"No birds around but, lots to smell"

"Oh just a minute!"

"I need to leave my mark here!"

Stay tuned for King and D'light's trail adventure at Columbia Springs.

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