Thursday, December 24, 2015

Viva and D'light are excited to work!

In case you missed it here's the post of Catty and I working on putting on a scarf  Catty and I are working on vet prep and home aftercare.  Once Catty and I were done, she got a kong in a closed room and it was Viva's turn. 

Silly girl is enthusiastic and ready to work! 

All that sweater and pod work has created a girl ready to play a new game.

Viva does great with the on and off of the scarf. 

And more great work along with some other fun things to do while wearing the scarf.  You can see Viva looking at D'light who is patiently waiting outside the gate for his turn.

Time for D'light's turn and he says "no problem mom!"

I'm guessing that the scarf is similar to putting on the harness and wearing a collar. Neither of those items cause Viva or D'light concern with the on and off.  If your dog isn't a fan of putting on a harness, you could do something similar to the above so that the putting on and taking off of the harness becomes a more comfortable experiences for your dog.  You could also do what Viva in I did in the beginning of Viva and I work on putting on a sweater   Just make sure you really break down the steps and move at the dog's pace.
In terms of training what we are doing in the above videos is called luring.  The definition is: A hands-off method of guiding the dog through a behavior. For example, a food lure can be used to guide a dog from a sit into a down.   
Here is a good article by Suzanne Clothier Rewards, Lures & Bribes
And a wonderful article and video (make sure to watch the video!) by Emily Larlham Fading a lure
If I wanted to keep working with Viva and D'light around putting the scarf on, I would want to follow Emily's training plan and fade the lure.  I may just do that as it's good indoor enrichment for the two of them and something easy for all three of us to do.
With the scarfs on, we move around in the house so they feel the scarf on their body.  Then it's time for a few photos.

"What yummy food reinforcer do you have!"


D'light says "Delicious!"

Viva is still staring at the treat container!

Showing silly faces for a treat!

Good looking pups!

That was a lot of fun and I headed back to the pet store to get a third scarf.  So, stay tuned for a 3 dog holiday scarf photo shoot!


  1. Wonderful post! And beautiful pups..we are looking forward to the photo shoot! And a merry Christmas to you all!