Saturday, December 19, 2015

Viva and I work on putting on a sweater - Part 2

We have the sweater and chicken!  Time to get started... 

Next training session I have my hand through the hole of the sweater and I'm holding food.  Viva comes in the for food and that's what I'm marking and rewarding.  Again, we do this over and over.


Viva increases how far she will put her head into the sweater and that's what I am marking and reinforcing.  I do not force the sweater onto her head, she has choice as to what she wants to do.  We do this over and over...


All I am looking for is for Viva to put her head into the rolled up sweater and that's what I'm marking with the "yip" and rewarding.  We did this over and over and over throughout the week.

More the of sweater going over her head and on it goes!  I toss the treats to get her moving as she experiences the sweater rolled up around her neck.  We practice "touch" and "find it".  If Viva hadn't been able to move or show of here skills, I would have gone back a step and kept at that until Viva was able to move forward.

   I don't want the sweater fully on her body at this point as that would be too much for her.


After each "training sessions" we play! 

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