Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Looking, up, down and all around

It's raining a lot in the Pacific Northwest. However, this past Sunday we had some reprieve from the rain. This allowed some time to capture some great pictures on our outing at Seward Pak!

Some beautiful Madrone trees whose bark is more striking to the eye now that it's leaf free.

Some bright red almost translucent berries

The last of the pretty leaves

We find a birds nest

They are doing winter plantings at the park and want everyone to know...

Viva says "No problem with that, lets go find something to chase"

Cool tree branches and with the over brush dying off of the winter, we can see lots of neat stuff!

Viva is busy...

The moss is growing thanks to all the rain and Viva says "Gotta go!"

Lake Washington in the back ground and Viva is having a rat-tastic time!

She hops on a log to get a better sight for critters and look what we find.

Fungus growing on the fallen tree

Interesting bark on the tree

Time to put Viva back in the car and out comes D'light!

We head down to one if the banks along Lake Washington

Lot so of smells to investigate

Bird watching!

We head around the corner to what's over there.  With lots of the brush changing due to the weather, we can see more than we did in the summer.

"Come on mom and dad.  There's lots to see over here!"

Some of the leaves have washed up on shore

D'light finds this log sniff worthy and look at what's living on this log - more fungus.

Lovely view!


D'light moves on down the shoreline

Time to go get moving on

Of course we have to stop and check out his favorite tree in the park!

While he's sniffing for critter we find these tiny pine cones!

They are so small, you'd surely miss them if you are not looking at the ground!

You can see the tiny pine cones that have yet to fall

As we wander the park we lots of variety in pine cones

So much to see even with the beautiful leaves gone for the year!

We came home to find Catty enjoying a very brief sun spot!

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