Sunday, December 13, 2015

So much rain!

We need the rain but, man has it been coming down for days! All this rain and wind doesn't stop us from getting out.

 Viva says "Lets go!"
Viva is quickly turning into a dirty girl

Viva says "Who cares I see something I want to check out!"

Off she goes on her 50ft long line

Viva doesn't care that she is trudging through mud

"Mud and rain don't slow down crittering!"

"Come on, what's the problem?"

Pretty girl even when she's dirty!

Shake of that rain and mud

"Time to motor"

There's no one around which is not surprising given the rain

Ugh and thank goodness for waterproof boots!

Time head back to the car

"I would really like to stay out here longer!"
Viva is good about being dried off if you go slow and don't put the towel on her back.  Working up from the legs is what is most comfortable for her.

With all this rain I now have two crates in my car.  A dry crate and a wet crate!

Given Viva's wet and dirty it's into the wet crate she goes.  While Viva is great with traveling she does bark at things she can see outside.  So having a crate cover is excellent for her and she can just kick back and relax as we head home.

Catty says "You guy are nuts to be out in that rain!"
D'light says "too much rain to even critter.  I'll take my electric blanket thank you!"

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