Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Catty time and we enjoy Bradner Gardens!

While D'light and Viva were resting from their Fun adventure at Northern State Recreation Area we headed out of a nice walk with Catty.  While Catty and D'light walk well together, Catty clearly enjoys being the only dogs since the walk is dictated by what pace she sets and what she wants to stop and sniff.
We checked out Bradner Gardens as we hadn't been here since the summer and that was with Viva.  Here's that post Viva visits Brander Garden.  Like everything else, a lot has changed with winter upon us.

"Lets check it out!"

"Are we doing Nose Work?"

"Nope, just doing environmental enrichment!"

For the most part the gardens are asleep until the spring

"Check out this funky thing!"


This garden is fairly small but, there's a ton of stuff to look at. 

"Found some rainbow chard!"

Funky tree!

And we found the purple berry tree that I love!

The tractor was recently painted and it looks great!

Interesting iron work along a long fence.

There's a lot of scrap iron that has been repurposed into art features

"Check out this rock feature"

Catty had fun climbing over all the rocks which was a good quick workout for her body and mind. 

Then something caught my eye.  We've been to this garden a number of times and we've never noticed the bathroom.

I will say that this is probably the prettiest public bathroom in all of Seattle!

It's beautiful to look at and what a ton of  mosaic work someone did!



Catty wondering if we are doing Nose Work as we have searched in many a not so nice public bathrooms.

"Come on lets get going"

We find a number of interesting benches

As said, there's lots to look at. 
There are a number of spickets through out the gardens and each of them have been decorated

A new scarecrow

There was a good amount of rainbow chard growing

Varieties of lettuce that need to be harvested

Most beds are sleeping until the spring

Lots of garden art to see

More mosaic features and they line some of the garden plots

A fun little garden and each time we visit we see something new!

Time to head home and we have lots of stairs to climb

"That was fun, where we going next?"

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