Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Viva having fun with a new toy

I was at pet store picking up treats and found this great toy!

I figured this would be an excellent interactive toy for Viva. 
It's three stuffless toys rolled up in a "log"

It's great as you can make it really easy to get the toys out.  Or you can make it hard thanks to the velcro pockets that the dog has to figure out how to open to get the toys out.

"What is that thing?!"

Viva's brain is turning!

We start with medium difficulty!

I want Viva to be successful with this toy so, pull the toy further out of the "pocket" so she can grab one of the toys.  While I want this to be a fun game for Viva, I want to help her be successful which helps to increase her confidence and build problem solving. 

We play again and she is working hard to get out that toy!

I want this toy out of this thing!

We play again and Viva says  "I have you!"

A fun toy for Viva that worked her brain!

"I love this toy"

"I'm resting"

"Time to play again!"

Some gentle kisses...

After so much fun playing,  it's nap time with the toy!

Speaking of play,  I have a new book that I'm looking forward to reading:
I love the first two of Denise Fenzi's Dog Sports Skills book and I'm sure this one will not disappoint me!  Even if you don't do dog sports you will find a ton of helpful and thought provoking information in her books.    Here's a summary of all three books:  Dog Sports Skills books
Denise Fenzi also has a great blog to check out: Denise Fenzi Pet Dogs

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