Sunday, December 20, 2015

Viva and I work on putting on a sweater - Part 3

After a lot of practice we are now ready to have the sweater touching Viva's body. I do lots of marking and reinforcing each step we've been working on along the way.
The taking off the sweater is still a work in progress.  And if you watch her body language you can see that she is still not totally comfortable with the sweater and me handling her when putting it on and off of her. You will see her throw a stress shake as soon as it is off.  I do try to create some fun once it's off and that's what the last 10 seconds is about.
And did you notice that Viva was able to stay engaged with me while I was touching her feet and legs?  That's thanks to the work we've continued to do with the pod.  Here was my past post talking about Viva learning to foot target  Here's our latest training session with the pod:
I decided to try a different Gold Paws sweater. This one isn't as long, has a bit tighter weave and the neck hole is a bit bigger.  I was hoping it would be more comfortable especially around coming off.
Much better!  No stress shake and she looks more comfortable in this one.
Stay tuned for the final post about Viva and the sweater.


  1. You're making great progress with Viva! With winter coming, I'm very glad that Viva will soon be able to be warm. And it was so much fun to see all the past fosters looking handsome and beautiful in their sweaters.

    1. This has been a great training experience for both of us - Viva is a great partner and working with her is a fun time!