Friday, December 4, 2015

Who wants to do some training?

With the darker and colder days this means time for indoor training to keep everyone's mind busy!

Silly dogs are ready to work as I sort out what we are going to be doing...

We do some maintenance training around patiently waiting - look at those good girls!

D'light is very excited to work and I don't want to dampen that enthusiasm so I reward him for putting his feet up on the stool and not on me.

We work on patiently sitting

Catty says "I'm still sitting here!"

I ask Catty for a "sit pretty" 

Viva and Catty waiting for a treat for being patient and D'light decides to help himself to the treats in my bag!

I let D'light do this as it's good for him to be curious enough to get his head into tight spaces.  

The girls say "He's cheating!"

Both girls were reinforced with a treat for sitting patiently.

Time for some mat work.  
Yes we do this a lot as it builds confidence, works on patience and it's nice to do with all the dogs present.

In this room, Catty prefers to sit on her donut over the mat.  Works for me!

"Come on you two, get to your mats!"

"MOM help them get on their mat!!"

Everyone finds their spot.  

And everyone is reinforced for doing such great work!

Here are some good, easy to understand blog posts by Denise Fenzi: 

Viva wondering why we have finished so quickly...

We are not finished just yet!  I put Catty in a closed room to eat her dinner so I can teach Viva a new skill.

Stay tuned to see what miss smarty pants figured out in no time flat!

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