Monday, December 28, 2015

Viva wants to tell you all about our busy, busy long holiday weekend!

Foster mom & dad had been saying they were looking forward to a number of days off work.  I wasn't sure what they were talking about but, boy oh boy do we all wish all our days were like this last couple of days!

D'light, Catty and I thought everything started off great. However, foster mom did not agree and she wasn't very pleased with what unfolded...  Foster mom came home from work and when she went to the back door to let D'light and Catty out to go to the bathroom and mayhem quickly happened. 

D'light launched out the door (Catty was right behind him) and he jumped a robin on the deck which threw it off balance.  That robin hit the glass and Catty was right there and bit into it squirting guts and feathers all over her face.  Foster mom was freaking out and I figured out how to open the door to get out and get in the mix.  Come on how could I not be part of this!

  I ran so fast on the slick deck that I fell onto Catty/the bird. As I wiped out on Catty, she dropped the bird and I squished the bird, ending up with guts all over my side.  This all happened so fast and poor foster mom was cursing up a storm with what just happened!  Foster mom and Catty were busy because Catty was trying to eat the rest of the robin and foster mom didn't want that to happen.   It was all so crazy and remember we are terriers! 

After mom fished the bird away from Catty she realized that Catty and I were going to need a bath...

Catty was first and you can see her through the gate post her bath!  I had my bath and foster mom said I was excellent.  Foster mom told D'light he was lucky that he didn't get any guts on him - no bath for D'light.

While neither of us much liked the bath, I would say it was well worth it!  Here we are trying to get the bath off!

Foster mom was tired after all of that and when she told foster dad about it, he was pleased he missed it all!

The rest of our weekend was great as foster mom and dad did a lot of fun stuff with all three of us.  Here's a little preview of all the great stuff we were up to.

We were thrilled to get some new toys of which here I am sitting patiently waiting to play!

D'light went to visit the Botanical Gardens

I had fun down on the shore of Lake Washington

Catty went on a couple of long walks - she loves to walk!

D'light found lots of pottery to investigate outside the Seward Park Clay Studio.

Catty, foster mom and foster dad had a nice time checking out the winter garden at the Arboretum

I had some great adventures at Seward Park - there were lots of fallen trees from the wind and rain storms we've recently had.

D'light had lots of fun crittering!

Most of Catty's vet pre items have arrived.  Catty is excited about this stuff and foster mom is watching Chirag Patel's Bucket Game and  Laura Monaco Torelli  youtube station, specifically the series on Canine Chin Rest Behavior

I worked with foster mom and her favorite trainer Lori Stevens  around my dog reactivity on leash.  Hearing, smelling or seeing dogs while out on leash is still a real challenge for me but, we are both trying really hard to work through my behavior.  We are thrilled that Lori is helping us.  Foster mom diced up steak and soaked it in chicken broth - this is what we are using as a reinforce when we see or hear a dog.

Such a busy long weekend, you can see I'm happily exhausted from all of this!

Catty and D'light are also tired out from such a busy weekend!

Stay tuned to follow our adventures!

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