Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Checking out Pacific Community Park

We arrived early to the lure event and it was raining!   D'light was not pleased with this weather and wanted to go back into the car.

King didn't seem too bothered by the rain

Shake off the rain!

We did go back and sit in the car for a while and lucky for us the rain stopped!

We still had time to kill so, King and I headed out to explore the gardens at Pacific Community Park. There's a garden section that is broken up into small areas showing you what plants work for a specific yard style.

Here we have:

King says "This is perfect!"

Next section:

King preferred the bench over the plants

"Let's see what else we can find!"

Next section:

You can see the long pathway. 
This large park is under larger power lines that can't be used for much.  How creative to place a park in otherwise unusable land.

This decking is great!

Next section:

King looking fabulous!

And the last section:

"This place gets two paws up!"

We head over to the rockscape

And rocks don't slow down King!

Time to head back to the car so I can see the status of the event.

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