Thursday, December 17, 2015

Working while playing

We've been doing on going work with Viva when Catty or D'light are playing with toys. Since Viva came into foster care, she hasn't felt comfortable with their vocal play.  We continue to use a baby gate to provide separation as Catty and D'light are playing.
This is what we are looking for.  Calm behavior from Viva as she watches Catty and D'light play.  She is reinforced with food for this excellent behavior.  We are making progress and Viva is continuing to experience that Catty and D'light vocal play is not threating to her.
"Hi mom, what's up?"

D'light says "We were playing!"

"A treat for a good picture!"

Catty is ready for a nap and D'light is still thinking about more play with his toy.

Play break to watch the crow outside!
"Since Catty is done playing will playing me, I'll entertain myself!"

Sweet silly dogs!

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