Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fun adventure at Northern State Recreation Area - Part 3

In case you missed them, here are the first three post in this series:
Viva is very excited about this adventure!  We roll by the cemetery.
And to the dairy barns...

Knowing Viva's hunt drive, we figured she would go nutso in the buildings.

And we were right as she went head in and wanted to get under the floor boards.

Viva is very sure there's critters to hunt.

"Let me in there!"

We let the two look and then decide to move on.  Viva can get obsessive and we don't want to encourage that or have her hurt herself since the buildings are not in good shape.  There's plenty more to explore so we move on.
Off we go, away from the buildings

Viva is ready to rock and roll.  She's a lot of dog on leash and she's a blast!

I put the 50ft long line on Viva and she's not sure where to even begin since there's so much to check out.

There were lots of little holes in the ground and I assume they are from field mice or voles.

Both dogs had lots of fun running in the open fields

This was a lot of what Viva was doing...heading into the brush to hunt.

"Come on Viva" and here she comes

The girl love to run and she's fast!

She will be running and the stop dead in her tracks, do a quick turn and bee line into the brush

"I'm coming for you!"

D'light provides back up if a critter make a break for it

"Are you coming?!"

On the move

Lots of sniffing

A fantastic picture of the two critter huntin Terriers!

The girl is in her element

Pit stop in the brush

A beautiful view and everyone is having a ton of fun

We find another building

"We're coming!"

And a bunch of stuff with lots of overgrow on it! 

Viva is ready to hunt!

Time to move on

We survey the perimeter of the building

Here's what's inside

We skirt around the building...
 and Viva wants in there!

No going inside as you can see it's not safe

Moss and ferns growing on the roof

We head out and Viva is on the move

The building in the background and we are on the move

Lots of hunting to be done in the massive open field

"Why can't I go with D'light?!"

D'light having himself a grand hunting time

Viva decides to hunt in the brush

We say "lets go!" and Viva is on the move

Here comes D'light!
Time to head back to the car and Viva isn't done hunting...

and neither is D'light

We make our way back to the dairy barns

Some good sniffing to be done!

We decide to let Viva check out one of the more intact barns

So much to take in!

On our way to the car

"I love this place, can we come back again?!"

This was a great adventure and we had two very tired dogs!

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