Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Toys and more learning!

It was time for new toys and time to see who likes what....
D'light has picked his toy and he's a happy little boy!
"So much squeaking!!"
Viva has her eye on the bright blue toy!  Sweet Viva has made lots of progress around playing with toys. When she first arrived in foster care she had zero idea about what they were about.  As we worked on play she's found them to be lots and lots of fun.

"Oh I love it!"
Viva gives the blue toy a good old rattie shake!
"This toy is kind of fun too"

"I still like my first choice!"
Time to make the toy a thinking game by stuffing the blue toy into the donut. 

Both dogs having a ton of fun!

Viva figuring out how to get the blue toy out of the donut.  All that noise is D'light squeaking his toy!
This is really great for Viva as we've had all toys up since her arrival into foster care.  Bringing them out so the dogs could separately play. As I've said, Viva is not a resource guarder so that isn't an issue.  What has gone on is that Viva has been uncomfortable with everyone playing and making noises when playing.  Viva does well with D'light so, we decided to closely monitor the two of them playing with toys in the same area. Even with Viva being in our care fro about 5 months, we still manage the environment, creating a safe space for everyone. 
D'light is just pleased as punch with this noisy toy!
"Go back together!"

"Foster mom can you help?"

A great experience filled with lots of fun!
After Viva and D'light's play session guess who's turn it was...
"This is a fun one!"
"It makes lots of noise which is fun!"
"But... I'd rather us play tug!"
Catty loves to play tug!

"More playing with me!!"
"Come on, lets keep playing!"

While we were playing with Catty, Viva sat in the hallway watching. That was perfect.  She chose the distance she needed and didn't get upset with Catty playing. Good work Viva you are learning that dogs making noise and playing isn't such a scary thing!

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